Complete Illustrated Guide - Aromatherapy

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This is a really great reference book for aromatherapy and casual use of essential oils. Complete Illustrated Guide - EPUB Aromatherapy EPUB EBook It includes an instructional portion that helps the beginner understand the basics of aromatherapy, perfumery, beauty aids, massage, etc. There is a section on various common ailments that can be benefitted by essential oils. For each ailment, there is a description of symptoms, possible causes and lists the essntial oils that would benefit that ailment and what methods of use would be best perscribed. And there is a section that details the properties, uses and contraindications for each of the 65 oils this book covers.

I gave this one only 4 stars because I wish I had a more recently revised version of this book. Though I didn't find any information that was contrary to what I know about aromatherapy, my personal knowlege is still pretty limited and I'd like to know I can trust the information in my reference books to be modern and accurate. I will use this as a first reference in many cases and follow up on the information I find with my own personal research.

I love the way this book is set up. I can find the information I'm looking for quickly. It is very comprehensive and practical for everyday use. It is exactly the kind of resource I've been looking for on aromatherapy. Like this book? Read online this: Aromatherapy Book Package, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Beading Illustrated.

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