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First, the libretto to COMPANY was written by George Furth; download; Sondheim provided the music and lyrics. Company EPUB EBookThis is an author attribution flaw that Goodreads ought to correct.

Furth creates as his central character, Bobby, a 30 year old bachelor in the 1970's who flits from meaningless relationship to meaningless relationship and is ostensibly adopted by a group of married friends:
obsessive/compulsive Harry & Sarah who use Bobby as a buffer against their own neuroses (hers is eating; his is drinking); Peter and Susan who delude themselves into thinking that that getting a divorce and living together will give them the freedom to love one another more; Jenny and David, a couple, of "squares" who think that getting high on pot will add spice to their mundane lives; Paul and Amy, an inter- EPUBfaith romance (he's Jewish, she is not) whom we see on their wedding day (Bobby is the Best Man — ceremonially, not literally) and Amy is terrified out of her wits; Joanne the much-married, acid-tongued sophisticate and Larry, her latest husband.

As a portrait of the 1970's and the post-"Free Love" generation, the piece is bitterly funny diatribe both for and against marriage.In the negative, the institution is seen as limiting, boring, and a component that fuels both tedium and psychological hang-ups.In the positive it is seen as an element of "being alive" — to quote from Sondheim's lyrics, Bobbby discovers that while committing his life to someone may make him vulnerable to someone who could "hurt [him:] too deep" it will also someone provide someone to need him, know him, and "always be there, as frightened as you".Another excellent lyrical observation: "Alone is alone ... not alive".No man is an island.No matter how many walls one may put up, or how loudly one declares their love for their independence, Furth and Sondheim assert that it is human nature to to share one's life with someone. Like this book? Read online this: The Death and Life of Bobby Z, Company's Going.

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