Clifford's Thanksgiving Visit

EPUB EBook by Norman Bridwell

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The story begins with Clifford and Emily Elizabeth looking forward to Thanksgiving as soon as Halloween is over. Clifford's Thanksgiving Visit EPUB EBook Emily Elizabeth went away to visit her grandma last Thanksgiving and Clifford was lonely. He thought about his family and decided to visit his mom in the city nearby. On his way there Clifford saw cars, a bridge, a train, and a parade. Emily Elizabeth and Clifford missed each other while visiting with their families. But they are thankful to have each other.They both realize how much they miss each other and can't wait to get back home to see each other. They realize this Thanksgiving how much they are thankful for each other.I think that This is a very goodbook for Thanksgiving and would be good to read for this holiday to show students to be thankful for what they have.I think this is a wonderful book to read during the holidays. I also like how they talk about the different ways of transportation which could also lead toa different discussion during class. Like this book? Read online this: Clifford, Clifford's Really Big Movie.

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