Clayoquot Mass Trials

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Clayoquot Mass Trials is about defending the rainforest - EPUB one of the last temperate rainforests remaining in the world, located at the westernmost extreme of Canada. Clayoquot Mass Trials EPUB EBook It's about the summer of 1993 when an overwhelming number of people from all walks of life, and from all parts of the world, joined together in the biggest nonviolent protest in Canada's history. The mass arrests of these people were headline news and, some months later, the biggest mass trial in Canadian history was embroiled in confusion and controversy as arrestees received stiff fines and jail sentences. Clayoquot Mass Trials tells the story of Clayoquot Sound, the protests over many years, and the personal and political reasons why so many people risked their liberty by putting themselves on the line in front of the logging trucks. And it tells this story through the eloquence of the protesters themselves as they spoke before the court, and through the almost-daily commentaries found in the news media. Like this book? Read online this: Mass Media 95/96, Four Trials.

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