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The blurb gives a good idea of the basics of the story—
This book so easily could have been subtitles 'A Tale of Love and Madness'. Circle Of Shadows (Crowther and Westerman, #4) EPUB EBookThose two themes are the ideas are the foundation of the story.
There is physical love, romantic loves, love of country counter- EPUBbalanced with physical madness and political madness. The mood and setting are very Gothic and appropriately creepy. Oh yeah, we also have alchemy in the background mix.
Daniel Clode and his wife Rachel are in Germany, combining a wedding journey with a business trip. Matters go really bad when Daniel is arrested. He is first believed to have murdered Lady Martensen while insane—he is found babbling incoherently over her corpse. His wife and friends believe him innocent, of course.The local 'policeman', Krall, has his doubts as well—but that doesn't keep Daniel out of prison. Harriet Westerman and Gabriel Crowther race from England to Germany to clear his name by finding the real killer.
The intricately intertwined second plot involves political conspiracy—complete with a secret society (the Minervals), hidden members, and almost incomprehensible rhetoric.They want to run Europe their way—are they deluded? and how far are they willing to go to achieve their ends?The time is 1784—the American Revolution is concluded and the French Revolution is just a few years away; download; change is in the air.
Once Mrs. Westerman and Crowther arrive at the court, the action really picks up—more murders! Even if Daniel killed Lady Martensen, he's now in prison and could not have killed the more recent victims.Is the connection between the victims personal or political or both? How many different people could want them dead?And how will their deaths affect the balance of power at the court?

One of the many things I love about the author is that she assumes that her readers are bright enough to follow the intricate storyline. If she mentions something, then it will play a part in the resolution of the mystery—so the reader needs to pay attention!

The secondary characters are marvelous and well developed—especially Krall and Michaels (nominally Mrs. Westerman's coachman).We also meet up with an old foe—Manzerotti (spy and opera singer extrordinaire!).His presence adds another twist to the story, as he and Harriet have a very bad history between them. Even the bit players are fleshed out.

Although this book is the 4th to feature Westerman and Crowther, it can stand on its own.The author does a very good job of interweaving enough back story (without info dumping!)so that a new reader should not feel lost.

The epilogue of the book is wonderful and very settled.While I would miss more books featuring these characters, if this one is the last one, then I am well satisfied.

ps—I am unwilling to admit how long it took me to figure out why the the Minervals all carried/wore something with an owl on it.
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