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Chocolatina by Erik Kraft is a fun and colorful tale based on a saying we all heard as children: "You are what you eat!" Tina LOVES chocolate more than anything in the world. Chocolatina EPUB EBook Her health teacher, on the other hand, says she hates it, and warns Tina that she will turn into a chocolate girl if she doesn't eat healthy. Well her health teacher was right, and Tina became Chocolatina!

This book is good fun! It emphasizes the importance of eating healthy without making it a heavy burden to the story. The way Kraft presents his story allows for the moral to be clear, but still have a fun tone to the book. The mood of the book is always bright and sweet, just like Chocolatina. The bright colors perfectly corresponds with the bright language.

The illustrations in the book are really interesting, too. Perhaps the coolest part is when Tina turn to chocolate. The illustrator is perfectly able to adapt Tina's expressions to be more chocolate- EPUBlike. When she is worried, she melts a little and little chocolate drops drip down her face! Even the health teacher's expressions are lively and capture the personality of her perfectly. Like this book? Read online this: The Great Book of Chocolate, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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