Child Development (5th Edition) (5th Edition) (MyDevelopmentLab Series)

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For courses in Child Development, taught Chronologically. Child Development (5th Edition) (5th Edition) (MyDevelopmentLab Series) EPUB EBookCourses may be in psychology, education, nursing, social work or human development. "Most balanced presentation of the research and applications important to the field and students taking the course." Introduces students to the theories, research, and applications of child and adolescent development. "Child Development ""5e" features a variety of student- EPUBfocused tools that make the study of development interesting and engaging with an emphasis on practical, take-home information that students can use now and in the future. Looking for additional resources to help you understand the material and succeed in this course? MyDevelopmentLab contains study tools such as flashcards, self tests, videos, as well as MyVirtualChild which allows you to raise your own virtual child from birth through age 18 and monitor the results. Want to learn more about MyVirtualChild? Visit and click on the 'watch this video' link to learn about MyVirtualChild. MyDevelpmentLab with MyVirtualChild is available at Like this book? Read online this: Foundations of Child Development, Financial Accounting (6th Edition) (6th Edition) (Charles T Horngren Series in Accounting).

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