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I'm not a teenager, even though I still feel like one sometimes. Chicken Soup for the Soul EPUB EBookNeither is this the type of book I would normally read.Nope, I read "Just for Teenagers" for my job.We're picking out a new book to teach the Advanced English students at the high school I work for in Japan.My requirements are:short stories that are well- EPUBwritten but easy to understand, short in length, that cover a variety of topics, that our students can relate to, that also show parts of American culture.And it could NOT be a self-help book (everyone in the English Department had come to hate "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers").

I was surprised by how well I liked this book.Some of the stories really moved me, and none were poorly written.It's not literature, by any means, and I don't think I'll read another in the Chicken Soup series.But that's just because of my tastes.It's not a bad book.I wouldn't mind teaching from it, and of the books we've been browsing, I think this book will be the winner.

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