Chaos (Dream Warriors, #4)

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Two hundred years ago, Alexa was devastated by the man she loved and what he did not only broke her heart but cost someone she loves dearly. Chaos (Dream Warriors, #4) EPUB EBook Unable to live in the midst of the Underworld: a world she shares with him, Alexa begs Hades to allow her to live among mortal humans instead. Alexa has worked hard for years to make a life for herself within the Mortal Realm, but is also unable to totally let go of the Underworld, taking with her water from two magical rivers each of which are guarded by her mother or father.

Only now it seems that one Mr. Charles K Auss, aka Chaos the Prince of the Underworld, is knocking at her door again. Well, knocking isn’t exactly the right word; download; he has already invited himself in. It seems that he wants nothing less than to reclaim the love of his life and is desperate to prove he is sincere this time. With Alexa’s body aching for his touch, she must decide if she can risk her heart to Chaos once again or if she will risk her body’s revolt when she walks away? There is also a small matter of someone trying to discover where Alexa is really from and at any cost. Can Chaos control his passion and determination to have Alexa enough to prove himself and also keep her safe from danger? Like this book? Read online this: Chaos Unleashed (The Chaos Born 3), The Top 10 Distinctions between Dream Fulfillers and Dream Killers.

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