Changed (The Hunters, #1)

EPUB EBook by Rose J. Bell

EBook Description

In a world where hunters and angels reign, war is a daily occurrence and one girl is destined to save them all. Changed (The Hunters, #1) EPUB EBook

After the brutal murder of her father, Rosa Petrova has dedicated her life to the eradication of angels and the revenge of her father's death. With the gift of fight, she becomes one of the fastest, deadliest, and greatest hunters in the world.

As Rosa hunts those who caused her father's death, two Nephilim, the children and warriors of the archangels, appear in Boston. Rosa has to find out why a Nephilim named Jason and his friend risk their lives in a city full of their enemies where they could be killed.

Not knowing if she should follow her heart or the hunter’s code she has known all her life, she is forced to make a dangerous decision that could change her life forever. Through all the chaos around her, she finds herself falling in love with the one person she is forbidden to love. And this love could kill her... Like this book? Read online this: The Life, Death, Life, Life and Death of Martin Keller (Dark Season #5), When Everything Changed.

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