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Tyson is a well known author who is currently on tour. While going to his next destination he meets Nadia, a mysterious woman. After a chance meeting with Nadia, Tyson has one of the best nights of his life.

This was a very nice read for me with a few buts, but not that many where I was not able to enjoy the story. I enjoyed reading about Tyson, but Nadia stole the show for me. Nadia was the sexy seductress from start to finish and I enjoyed her encounters and interaction with Tyson. The moment Tyson met Nadia I felt as though I was reading a long foreplay between both characters. The cab scene after their night at the club got an OMG moment from me, in a good way. I didn't think I would like the book but it turned out different and sexy. This was a nice fantasy read for me and my first book by the author, and I love love love the cover. As the author stated, this book will be a part of the Legs Wide Open erotic short story series so I will look forward to that I think.

What I didn't like was the END, gosh what a mood killer. I just wanted an extra page of something, it felt like an abrupt ending, I do detest that, a lot. I also started to wonder while I was reading two pacific scenes in the book, if I was reading about the actual author of the book or a character the author created for the book.

Story: GOOD
Intimacy: VERY GOOD
Enjoyment: FAIR to GOOD
Kindle length: 594 (short but good)

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