Carl and the Kitten

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Beautifully illustrated in realistic style, this is the story of a most unusual dog named Carl. Carl and the Kitten EPUB EBook One day, when one of mama cat’s kittens decides to climb a tree, but can’t come down. Carl the dog races to the rescue. Carl wants the kitten to jump, but the kitten is too afraid, so the extremely smart and resourceful, Carl finds and begins stacking various items up and up to reach the kitten. He brings a wagon, lawn chair, and inflatable pool toy, before the kitten ultimately jumps down onto Carl’s back for a surprise “doggy- EPUBback” ride safely back to mama cat who is appropriately grateful. This book is appropriate for emergent and beginning readers because it features large, bold text and plenty of sight words as well as a simple, sweet story. Kids will like the idea of the dog Carl telling the kitten to jump, and his thoughtful and resourceful rescue attempt of the kitten models a nice example of kindness and caring for children to emulate. Day’s illustrations are extremely detailed and realistic in terms of the way real animals stand and move. The choice of a plain white background serves to focus the eye on the action between the kitten and Carl the dog with no confusing distractions for the reader. When sharing this book, one might focus on Carl’s willingness to help Mama Cat and the kitten even though he is a dog. One might also ask whether this situation could happen in real life. Would Carl be able to speak to the kitten to tell him to jump? Would Carl the dog really be able to find and stack all of the items so that he could reach the stranded kitten in the tree? Like this book? Read online this: Kitten, The Little Kitten.

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