Captain America (Marvel Novel Series, #4)

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Sometimes you REALLY can't judge a book by its cover, since Ron Goulart (behind the name Joseph Silva) gives a clinic on effective writing even when it is at the service of a silly story. Captain America (Marvel Novel Series, #4) EPUB EBook If writing is problem solving, and it is, Goulart has a daft a touch in solving the problems. Time and again I marvel that he found such unexpected yet effective ways to say something that would be said less interestigly if written by another. There are dozens of examples in this book.

As for the book itself, it isn’t much: a super- EPUBhero novel structured like a thriller. I think it might have been more effective if it had been written more like a cliffhanger serial, but it wasn’t. Captain America seems appropriately heroic. One problem with turning this character into the protagonist of a novel is the improbable action. It works in comics because panel 1 shows the hero begin to do something and panel 2 shows him doing it. That the action probably cannot really be done is not seen because the improbability takes place between the panels, for example, a leap into a summersault from across the room to disarm someone shooting at the hero. Not always, but Goulart finds verbal ways to convey this 1-2 panel sense most of the time.

I study adaptation, and most comic book novels are bad, bad, bad. This is one of just two I have seen that is worth reading. The author of the other? Ron Goulart. Like this book? Read online this: Leap Advanced Reading and Writing Student Book with Cw+, Captain Marvel, Vol. 2.

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