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In elementary school it is traditional to bring cards on Valentine's Day. Caldecott and Co. EPUB EBook Most people come in with thin wisps of paper cookie- EPUBcutter-ed with his or her favorite character. It is a cute tradition, if not especially inspired. Most years I purchased my flat sentiment at the drugstore with everybody else. One year my mom put her foot down and said, "No!"

She bustled me off to a craft store where we purchased paper-lace doilies, red tissue paper, and glue. We spent the weekend cutting the doilies into large heart-shapes, then gluing a red tissue-paper heart to the back creating a stained-glass Valentine of red and white.

When I brought my homemade Valentines in, I was a little unsure: mine looked so very different than the others. I was eight. It is very hard at eight to recognize that different can be better. I didn't recognize immediately that my homemade Valentines shone with glee amidst the flutter of white uniformed rectangles. I was very popular that day. My friends loved the bright, beautiful color and lacy texture. Even the boys liked them (Wayne and John both gave me chocolate heart candies). It is one of the few times in my life that being different offered immediate, positive gratification.

Caldecott & download; Co. is Maurice Sendak's Valentine. His opinions are straight from his heart based on the things that he loved as a child. He praises the vitality of music and motion, and speaks of the delights of Mother Goose. Not all of his remarks are flattering of other artists, but none of them are malicious; he speaks of what he loves. I love picture books. I love animation. I wouldn't touch the pages where the spiders in The Hobbit lived, and it took me a good year to willingly read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe because the illustration of the creatures at the stone table was very scary. Reading Caldectt and Co. was like getting an hand-drawn envelope in the mail, or as if someone had made a big, bright red Valentine just for me. Like this book? Read online this: Paper-Thin Alibi (Craft Corner, #3), Understanding Social Exclusion.

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