Buried Child, Seduced, and Suicide in B Flat

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Thanks to my GR friend Tajma, I read Buried Child shortly after Pinter's The Homecoming so the parallels, especially through the first two acts, were obvious; download; though in the third act the plot takes a different turn, especially as to the fate of the homecoming son. Buried Child, Seduced, and Suicide in B Flat EPUB EBook Buried Child won the Pulitzer in 1979 and it's well deserved for all facets of its brilliant writing, even the almost- EPUBmonologues which sound natural and not merely expository, though one comes close. The dialogue and action are often funny, though in a very dark and sometimes absurd way. The horror at the heart of this family (ironically thought to be Norman-Rockwellian by an outsider before she enters the abode) is revealed slowly and complexly. As with my favorite writing of any kind, not everything is explained and I'm still thinking about it.

In the second play of this volume, Seduced, the character of Henry Hackamore could've been one of Tennessee Williams' eccentrics. I quickly realized that Howard Hughes is the obvious inspiration and not only because they share the same initials. Though Seduced had its moments and, as with Buried Child, speaks to the hollowness of the so-called American dream, it was easily my least favorite of the trio.

To continue my comparisons to other playwrights (limited as my knowledge is), the first two characters we encounter in Suicide in B Flat immediately brought to mind the bumbling pair of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead and later the duo of Beckett's Waiting for Godot. Suicide in B Flat quickly becomes more though, as characters seem to change places with each other and repeat actions and themes in the manner of jazz improvisations, a major motif. Shepard seems to be attempting, as one of the characters says, "visual music." When the twist arrives (along with the mysterious musician Niles) it is both unexpected and obvious. Like this book? Read online this: The Muppet Show Book, Seduced by Darkness (The Seduced Saga, #5).

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