Buried Child

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Sam Shepard will have to slug it out with Lanford Wilson for Best American Playwright of the last quarter of the 20th Century. Buried Child EPUB EBook

Whatever the outcome Shepard is in contention for his startling ability to delineate the various degrees of obscene psychic cruelty that family members are capable of inflicting on one another, and to put this on the stage in a way that's not only palpable, but riveting, and even comic — without ever diminishing our comprehension of the horrors being perpetrated.

I have no idea if Shepard's plays meet the definition of "tragedy" (and Thank God I don't have to take a position on that). But one thing I know is that when I see, read, or hear one of his plays I come away with a severe case of almost giddy Catharsis — which is, I suppose, what brings me back to him again and again. Like this book? Read online this: Read-Aloud Plays, Buried at Sea.

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