Bulletproof Princess

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It Girl: Chloe St. Bulletproof Princess EPUB EBook John
Mission: Bust an organized crime syndicate that's kidnapping women and selling them into the sex trade. And nab Manhattan's most wanted and elusive criminal mastermind....

Royal protocol flew out the window when real- EPUBlife princess Chloe St. John went undercover to stop a sex slave ring. She'd do anything for the Gotham Rose spies — their leader was like a second mother to Chloe, boosting her self-esteem when all Chloe's real mom did was hassle her about regal etiquette while favoring her ne'er-do-well brother. But evidence suggested Chloe was up against the Roses' archrival, the Duke, this time. It was time to trade in her tiara for a semiautomatic and a Kevlar vest...and pray that the wardrobe change wouldn't hurt her chances at the charity bachelorette auction of the season! Like this book? Read online this: Becoming Chloe, Bulletproof Monk.

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