Building Machine Learning Systems with Python

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Quite an impressive book. Building Machine Learning Systems with Python EPUB EBook I’m not sure what has amazed me most: the examples, so real and complex but still, easy to follow, or the easiness through which the authors introduce the reader to many different machine learning techniques without throwing at him scaring math formulas. Certainly both things. And not only those.

As clearly stated in the preface, this book it’s not about scikit- EPUBlearn. It does not expect the reader to master it. Similarly, it does not aim to teach him the library from install to Z. The book is about Python and machine learning. Many examples are, indeed, pure Python.

Still, scikit-learn is used. Sometimes alone, often in combination with other widely known libraries, such as Numpy, Scipy, nltk and matplotlib. While scikit-learn and nltk are not taken from granted, whoever is holding the book on his hands is expected to have been exposed already to both the numerical libraries and to matplotlib. Methods such as norm() and rvs() are not explained and if you are not familiar with them, get ready to open both the reference and a terminal with the Python interpret.

Not only do the authors rely on those must know libraries. They also show the readers some less known gem, such as gensim (a real beauty that doesn’t ship with scikit-learn).

As I was saying at the beginning, the examples are very interesting. They are real world challenges, clearly explained step by step with many accompanying charts and schemas. The source code that comes with the book has some snippet that you really wanna copy somewhere safe.

I have particularly enjoyed the idea behind the book itself: introduce the reader to machine learning without exposing him to the mathematical details behind it. The concepts are very well explained and the few formulas you will see won’t get you screaming terrified. I pretty much agree with this approach: we don’t need to know how an engine works to drive a car.

I do absolutely recommend this little masterpiece to any Python programmer who wanna get started with machine learning. This book really get you curious about the subject. Isn’t it what all great books do?

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