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No author listed, Bubbles, Bubbles! (Bendon Publishing, 2008)

A couple of weeks ago in another review, I finally threw down the gauntlet and declared any book without complete information is getting docked points. Bubbles, Bubbles EPUB EBook I'm not the only one that feels this way; download; a recent article at deadspin (http://deadspin.com/5889376/if- EPUByou-gi...), “10 Tips for Avoiding Terrible Children's Books”, clocks in at #9 with this gem: “9. Never buy any book that's a movie or TV tie-in. Most of these books don't even list a proper author, mostly because they were conceived and executed during a conference call between brand managers. None of them has any value. They just use still photos and screencaps from the movie properties and then vomit up a shorthand version of the movie story. You can find any number of examples of this. You're essentially buying an advertisement. Don't be a slave to Big Book. “ While this is the only of the ten points I fully agree with, the author nails it right on the head: any book that refuses to name an author or an editor was probably written by committee, and no one wants to take responsibility for it. (This does not just go for kidlit—e.g., any book written by, for example, “the editors of [website].com.” For the love of pete, at least come up with a stupid pseudonym like the cheezburger guys did. It shows you actually thought about it.) And so here we are with a TV tie-in that doesn't list an author anywhere—not on the Amazon page, not at the publisher's website, not in the book itself. Which is, in fact, a (thankfully short) book-length advertisement for Sesame Street, with the most simplistic of rhyme schemes, few words per page (even when stalling for time, you'll get through this one in two minutes), and a strong focus on the characters from the show. Less than impressive by any measure. ** Like this book? Read online this: The Author's Guide to Working with Book Bloggers (Building Blocks 1), Understanding Social Exclusion.

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