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One of the South's most prolific writers, R. Brightwood EPUB EBookT. Smith will see two new collections of verse published this year, THE HOLLOW LOG LOUNGE and BRIGHTWOOD. These are books of homecoming, in a way, since Smith’s previous two volumes, MESSENGER and TRESPASSER, sprang largely from his experiences in Ireland. The Emerald Isle seems to possess a special hold on Southern poets, and it’s often pointed out that the 20th century’s greatest literary flowerings took place contemporaneously here and in Ireland. Nonetheless, Smith always remains conscious of two paradoxes: feeling at home in a place where he will always be a foreigner, despite his own blood ancestry, and knowing that Ireland’s beauty—like the South’s—coexists with a history almost unbearably cruel. BRIGHTWOOD, like its predecessors, interweaves shamelessly lovely descriptions and images of nature with constant, aching awareness of the workings of original sin within the confines of family and history; download; but Smith’s ambition, like one of Yeats’ gyres, continues to widen. “Voices, Traces, the Whip- EPUBpoor-will’s Plea,” one of the book’s many standout poems, recalls, on an ominously beautiful summer night, the story of a long-ago lynching: “The voice in the treeline votes to punish ... / Wisteria / vines tendril a green lash.” Smith’s gifts as a consummate storyteller, coupled with a lyricism that becomes richer and more resonant with each book, deserve any reading’s fullest house. Like this book? Read online this: Dennis Smith's Fire Safety Book, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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