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You want your kids to grow up into healthy adults. Boundaries with Kids EPUB EBookYou want to see them take responsibility for their behavior, their values, their lives.But maybe you've discovered that simply telling them to "do the right thing" isn't enough.From toddler tantrums to teenage temptations, you've got to help them take ownership of their behavior, feelings, and attitudes.But how?

Establish healthy boundaries.Boundaries are the bedrock of good relationships, maturity, safety, and growth for your children and for you.

Boundaries With Kids will help you prepare your kids to assume the responsibility for their own lives.Drawing on principles from the Bible, the authors of the award winning best- EPUBseller Boundaries help you

recognize the boundary issues underlying child behavior problems set boundaries and establish consequences with kids get out of the "nagging" trap stop controlling your child - and instead help your child to develop self-control apply ten laws of boundaries to parenting take six practical steps for implementing boundaries with your kids.

Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend show you how to bring control to an out-of-control family life.How to set limits and still be a loving parent.How to define legitimate boundaries for your family.And above all, how to instill in your children the kind of godly character that is the foundation for healthy, productive adult living.

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