Born Yesterday

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A comedy in the classical sense. Born Yesterday EPUB EBookThere are no ROTF laughs in this play, but it is still nice and pleasant and enjoyable.

I will observe that this play relies heavily on its stage directions.Every little action is detailed minutely in this play which doesn't necessarily make for an interesting or exciting read and it doesn't give much leeway for creative interpretation.

If producing this play, the set would be my biggest concern.It would be a costly venture to do this play properly because it is set in the two- EPUBstory suite of a very expensive hotel in Washington DC at a time when Hollywood glamour is at its peak.You need a balcony with french doors which overlook the city and very lush furnishing to pull it off well.And with so much stage business, you better believe there is a ton of little props to track.I would expect this play to be a stage manager's nightmare.

But it is a sweet, classic story with some good roles and a few small laughs. Done as a period piece, this play could whisk an audience away on a wave of nostalgia.

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