Born Cheetah (Shifting Crossroads, #7)

EPUB EBook by Zenina Masters

EBook Description

After ten years a cheetah meets her first crush at the Crossroads, and when she mounts the stallion, sparks fly and everything happens fast. Born Cheetah (Shifting Crossroads, #7) EPUB EBook

Rayna is a cheetah raised by otters. She got a free pass to the Crossroads, courtesy of her deceased parents. Tired of trying to find a cheetah or any other shifter that could wake her senses, she begins to work through the mate- EPUBseeking candidates at the Crossroads. If she couldn’t have her schoolgirl crush, she would have to make do.

Born to a steadfast horse-shifter family, Gregory was in love with Rayna, but an interception of an assignation note and their lives veered in two different directions. Now, he is at the Crossroads and more than his spirits rise when he sees the love of his life and knows that the timing is finally perfect. Like this book? Read online this: Crossroads, The Cheetah Girls (#5) .

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