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"No equally comprehensive analysis of the distinctive national traits of children's literature has been hitherto available. Books, Children and Men EPUB EBook" So wrote Alice M. Jordan in the March/April 1943 Horn Book after reading the manuscript of Paul Hazard's Books, Children and Men, which was published by The Horn Book, Inc., in 1944.
Here is a book which discusses children's books - EPUB their past and present - with pleasure and with gusto. Written by an eminent French scholar, well known in this country also, the book has the spirit of the happy traveler rather than that of the study. When Prof. Hazard discusses national traits in relation to children's books, he writes of countries which he has visited and of whose literature he has first-hand knowledge. The result is a book unliked any other now existing in English. Like this book? Read online this: The World Treasury of Children's Literature, Books I and II, Children's Books.

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