Bonded to the Pack

EPUB EBook by Donna Flynn

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For the last year of her life, Mercy has undergone many strange transformations, but now she has finally accepted her werewolf heritage and claimed Alec as her future mate, she couldn’t imagine anything else getting the way of her happiness. Bonded to the Pack EPUB EBook But, when horrifying dreams of the last Born Were, and her untimely death plague her, she begins to doubt she will ever have the life she had planned with Alec.

Her worries become reality when an old law surfaces that could make her the pawn of the rogue werewolves leader and tear her and Alec apart forever. Now she must decide whether to trust an unlikely ally who could give her everything she ever wanted or take it all away from her if he is not what he seems.

With her family, friends, and Alec by her side, Mercy must find a way to rid herself of the werewolf who has already killed one BornWere, and convince the Elders that her destiny has always been intertwined with Alec’s. For only then can she embrace her destiny and be fully “Bonded to the Pack”. Like this book? Read online this: The Rise of Alec Caldwell (The Rise of Alec Caldwell, #2), Pennies / Nickels / Dimes / Quarters (4 Pack) (4 Pack) (All About Coins).

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