Bodies in Bedlam

EPUB EBook by Richard S. Prather

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Shell Scott. Bodies in Bedlam EPUB EBook He's a guy with a pistol in his pocket and murder on his mind. The crime world's public enemy number one, this Casanova is a sucker for a damsel in distress.

When a pair of lovely legs saunters into his office, he can't help but take the job, even when the case is a killer. Constanza Carmocha is like a cat in heat; download; she innocently purrs while scratching your eyes out with her razor- EPUBsharp claws. She is a dame skilled in the age-old act of bending men to her will, using no other weapon than her lips and the sensuous curve of her hips. But she had already left behind a trail of dead bodies, and this gal's blaze burns everyone who touches her.

Shell's seen his fair share of women, and this one can't have a deeper bag of tricks than heor can she? Like this book? Read online this: A Damsel in Distress, Bedlam.

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