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Cyan Seye is on the run. Blue EPUB EBookShe is the last blue- EPUBeyed, Caucasian woman known to exist in the year 2097.Her father has just been murdered and suddenly her safe and sequestered life no longer exists.

Devin McCrae, a Mulatto, is her protector.Hired by her father to see Cyan to a safe place called Betatakin, it is his mission to see to her father's dying wish.

Running from the government, the Underground, and hidden forces aligning against them, Devin and Cyan begin a frantic journey for safety.Cyan's life is totally in Devin's hands, while his life depends on getting them both safely to Betatakin.Relying solely on each other, trust becomes a critical factor.But trusting Devin is no easy feat for Cyan — especially since her protector and her father’s murderer are one in the same. Like this book? Read online this: Life with Father/Life with Mother, Blue Sacrifice (Blue Davison, #1).

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