Blood In The Bayou

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Telepathy can be a real pain in the ass. Blood In The Bayou EPUB EBook Seline should know, she’s been dealing with it her whole life. Needless to say, dating sucks. Men really do seem to be single- EPUBminded creatures, but she really needs to find a man who she can use as her inspiration in the design of her fall fashion line. The only problem is that it’s slim pickings around home.

Taking a spur-of-the-moment trip to New Orleans seems like a superb idea…until she arrives and is viciously attacked by some drunken locals. Her savior, however, is tall, dark, and mysterious, possessing the most amazing aquamarine eyes she’s ever seen.

Christian is instantly taken with the enchanting woman he’s rescued. She is beautiful, sweet, and calls to him on a soul-deep level in a way he has never experienced in his long existence. As he tries to nurture their relationship and finds that she returns his feelings, his long ago ex-fling returns to stir things up. Lisbeth threatens to reveal his true nature to Seline before he is able to. The fact he is a vampire is a secret guarded so closely that should Seline discover it, she would have to either undergo the turn or be killed.

True love, though, can produce miracles, and circumstances arise that prevent Seline from undergoing the change to vampire, but Lisbeth is poised to strike. She has no intention of giving Christian over to his new lover.

In the heart of the bayou, can their love survive, or will the darkness lurking in the shadows of New Orleans extinguish its flame forever? Like this book? Read online this: True Christian love. To be sung with any of the common tunes of the psalms. Written by the late reverend and learned Mr. David Dickson, ... To which is added, Honey drops, or, chrystal streams flowing from Christ the fountain and head thereof., Whispers of the Bayou.

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