Blood Curse (Blood, #7)

EPUB EBook by Sharon Page

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Lady Ophelia Black has a cursed power—she cannot touch any person without killing them. Blood Curse (Blood, #7) EPUB EBook She has never experienced more than a kiss, one that almost took the life of the young man she loved, and since then she has been hiding with a mysterious woman known as Mrs. Darkwell.

Ophelia escapes for an afternoon to a museum, where she meets a handsome gentleman named Mr. Ravenhunt. He kidnaps her, and she wakes to find she is in his house and tied to a bed. Once the Marquis of Ravenhunt, Raven is now a vampire, ordered by a vampire queen to take Ophelia’s power through sexual pleasure. And he intends to give her a thrilling education into every carnal pleasure she can imagine… Like this book? Read online this: Ophelia's Bedtime Book, Callie's Blood Mates (Blood Exchange, #2).

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