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When I was a kid, George Best was "The Kiddie" - EPUB the superstar we all admired. Blessed EPUB EBook We revelled at his skills on a football pitch, and as youngsters, we didn't understand his excesses off it. Then, as we became teenagers, we became slightly jealous of his excesses off it.

This book recalls all those times in the 60's and 70's (not all of them, to be precise - the author's refreshing honesty allows him to admit great tranches of memory loss, down to alcoholic abuse). For someone like me, much of it is a trip down memory lane, but much of it is also an insight into the very essence of flawed genius.

George Best must have been aware that his days were extremely numbered when he wrote this book - was it meant as acathartic sort of apology to those around him? Was it an apology to those of us who adored him - we weren't looking for one? Or was it just one last attempt to try and make some sort of sense of it all? Too late to change things, but some sort of redemptive confession?

Whatever it was, we'll never now know. One of the great footballers of our age died soon after writing this book, from complications bought on by his alcoholism. This is a very fitting tribute to the genius (flawed or otherwise) that was George Best. It really is a must read, even if you've no real interest in football. Like this book? Read online this: Memory Lane (Scandal Book 2), Blessed Be Your Name.

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