Black Reconstruction in America 1860-1880

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Wow. Black Reconstruction in America 1860- EPUB1880 EPUB EBook This book is monumental. It took me weeks to read it, and it was completely worth it. Du Bois provides an exhaustively detailed account of the Reconstruction years, delves into the foundations of public education, and, with solid economic/Marxist analysis, thoroughly repudiates the previously published work on the period. In my provincial middle and high school education, the Reconstruction period got nary a mention, and this book more than makes up for that. I was very glad for the internet, as the book, published in 1935, was written in such a way as to make references to people and events as though the reader is already familiar with them. I ended up doing quite a bit of extra research just to be able to understand Du Bois' references.All in all, a pivotal historical work. Like this book? Read online this: The Best Damn Server Virtualization Book Period, America's Black Past.

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