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If you have new readers who love super- EPUBheroes, this is a perfect little book. Bizarro Day! EPUB EBook But, maybe because I am a little partial to these books because I have always loved these books. I don't remember if I ever got these books for my older son (now 17 as of this review), but I remember when my younger son (now 11 as of this post) started Kindergarten, these little books were at the library and these were some of the books I would pick up.

And there were others but these were always our favorites because they had his favorite characters; download; super-heroes etc. I remember he liked the smaller easy readers as well but I don't remember the name of those.

The pictures are well drawn, bright colors and not too many words on one page. I had to even read it myself, just for the memories of picking them up! :-)

They have several different types, not just the super-heroes, but, seeing that I have boys, that's what we got! :-)

Why did I pick this up when I have children so much older?
Well, because it was just for the memories of it all, and for the quick and easy read today when I had my son sit down and read it. Then my older son wanted a quick and easy read too, so, he read it too! lol

So, for the little ones in your life who are early readers, these are perfect! Like this book? Read online this: Teach a Child to Read With Children's Books, The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction.

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