Bittersweet Hope

EPUB EBook by Ryann Jansen

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With a hooker for a mother, seventeen- EPUByear-old Audrey Emerson is pretty sure her life can't get any more screwed up. Bittersweet Hope EPUB EBook Until, that is, her mom is murdered and she and her sisters are put in separate foster homes. That is like, the definition of hell.

Then Audrey meets Caleb. She's wary to begin with, but slowly she learns to trust, and to believe in herself. Even though she feels guilty for being so happy after her mother's death, Audrey can't help but be grateful that her life is finally her own, and that she can for once be a normal teenager.

There's only one problem. Her youngest sister seems to be following in their mom's footsteps, and Audrey can't let that happen. The question is, can she save her sister while still saving herself? Like this book? Read online this: Audrey Hepburn, Bittersweet.

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