Bite Me (Wearing the Cape #1.5)

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It was supposed to be a working vacation…

For Jacky Bouchard (aka, Artemis: vampire, night- EPUBstalking dark avenger, and reluctant superhero), a trip to the Big Easy was a chance to solidify her new Bouchard identity, meet the grandmother she didn’t know she had, and do a favor for the New Orleans Police Department by helping them keep an eye on their local vampires. Bite Me (Wearing the Cape #1.5) EPUB EBook

Watching a bunch of fashion-obsessed goths with fangs should have been easy, but now she’s dressing in black and sleeping in a coffin even though living the whole Fiend of The Night stereotype makes her want to vomit. And for someone working undercover, she is getting attacked a lot.

When Jacky learns that a master vampire capable of siring progeny with his blood (an urban myth—vampires don’t reproduce that way) may be haunting New Orleans, she decides to go hunting. But the streets of the French Quarter are dangerous when you don’t know who is hunting you, and Jacky finds herself in trouble up to her neck and needing all the help she can get…
Bite Me: Big Easy Nights is Marion G. Harmon's third novel. Chronologically, the book falls between Wearing the Cape and Villains Inc. Like this book? Read online this: Vacation with a Vampire...and Other Immortals (Wings in the Night #17.5), Wearing the Robe.

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