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I'm trying not to let my dislike for the Revised Dark Sun Campaign Setting—or, as TSR usage would put it, the Revised DARK SUN™ Campaign Setting—influence my review here, though I have to admit that it must have at least a little bit. Beyond the Prism Pentad EPUB EBook But the biggest problem with Beyond the Prism Pentad isn't that it takes the Prism Pentad into account, it's that it's basically an advertisement that you have to pay for.

Most of the content is devoted to a plot summary of the Prism Pentad novels, which I suppose is nice for people who didn't read them and for people who read RPG books as world building exercises, but not useful in actual gameplay. And yes, I personally do read RPG books as world building exercises, but I don't like the Dark Sun metaplot, so that wasn't a bonus for me. Rkard is some kind of glorious prophesied savior or something, then he's not? The Dragon was killed with one blow by a magical weapon? Sadira turned into a mystical solar wizard who draws her magical power from the sun? And are there game mechanics devoted to any of this so that the PCs can duplicate these feats? No? Why exactly do I care, again?

The rest of Beyond the Prism Pentad just recaps, or sometimes reprints verbatim, the setting information from the revised campaign setting, but without any of the mechanics. It tells you what the mechanical changes are, but doesn't define them further, so basically this is, "Lots of changes in Dark Sun! They're really neat, so you should probably buy other books to understand them!" But people who have the revised campaign setting have no reason to own Beyond the Prism Pentad unless they really like the Prism Pentad novels, but in that case they've probably already read them and know what happened, so it's pointless all around.

Oh, there's an adventure at the end, but I can summarize it in a couple sentences: A pyreen shows up, tells the heroes, "$PLOT_IMPORTANT_NPC is in danger!" and then they have to walk across lava and fight skeletons. It's only three pages long and adds nothing. Much like this book!

It's 32 pages long and I almost fell asleep five times while reading it. That's the pull quote right there.

I only read this because I wanted to make sure I read all the Dark Sun books, and it failed to meet even my low expectations. Save yourself the time and money and ignore it. Like this book? Read online this: Pathfinder Campaign Setting, A Prism on Globalization.

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