Bertrand Russell's Best

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Bertrand Russell's Best

Edited by Robert Egner

Routledge Classics, Paperback, 2009. Bertrand Russell's Best EPUB EBook

8vo. xvi, 128 pp. Revised edition. Edited by Robert Egner. Preface by Bertrand Russell, 1970 [vi]. Preface by the editor, 1970 [vii- EPUBviii]. Introduction by Robert Egner, 1970 [ix-xiii].

First published thus, 1958.
Revised edition, 1970?
First published in Routledge Classics, 2009.


Preface by Bertrand Russell
Preface by the Editor
Meaning of Symbols

1. Psychology
2. Religion
3. Sex and Marriage
4. Education
5. Politics
6. Ethics



As a novice freshly hooked on Bertrand Russell, and one totally ignorant of philosophy at that, I thought books like The Basic Writings of Bertrand Russell and Bertrand Russell's Best are the best way to start. The former was indeed a perfect introduction for it was that book which got me hooked on Lord Russell's exquisite prose and formidable intellect; download; but the latter was rather a mixed bag. Bertrand Russell's Best is a little book - quite unlike the mammoth Basic Writings - in which the editor, Prof. Robert Egner, collected what in his opinion are the wittiest passages from Lord Russell's voluminous and extraordinarily varied literary output. The selections range from a few lines to seldom more than a page in length and are nicely grouped thematically in six parts, but I cannot help feeling that they give a very warped view of Bertrand Russell; that Mr Egner frankly admitted almost as much in his general introduction doesn't make the treatment any more desirable. Of course these excerpts make a very enjoyable read, and I guess they are not so bad an introduction to Lord Russell's mind and matter, but my personal impression is of something fragmented and sketchy, not really serious and not nearly as powerful as a complete essay, speech, lecture or even chapter from a book by Bertrand Russell.

The rest: Like this book? Read online this: A letter to Wm. Howard Russell, LlD., on passages in his Diary North and South., Ideology and Genre (The 1986 James Russell Wiggins Lecture) (The James Russell Wiggins Lectures in the History of the Book in American Culture).

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