Beowulf And The Monsters

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Beowolf was the first story ever told. Beowulf And The Monsters EPUB EBook before paper and ink, stories such as Beowolf were only recited by storytellers known as bards. They would tell the story of Beowolf to warriors to give them strength before a battle. it's the story about a warrior named, guess who, Beowolf and his rise to fame as the one who killed the monster Grendel, who is descended from the sons of Cain(First muderer according to the bible). but even every monster has a loving mother, who would kill for their son. Beowolf takes care of her as well. and then there's the final battle with the dragon.
the book is short and written in verse but most think it's hard to understand but this is because Beowolf isn't a story to just pick up and read. I suggest to gather information about the story before reading. learn where and when it came from, what was going on during the time of this story. don't forget it's the first story ever told so it must be old, lol. some wonder if Beowolf was a real warrior but we don't know for sure.
I would recommend this book to anybody mostly because it is this story that started it all. this story is the basis of all literature! Like this book? Read online this: Autumn Story and Winter Story, Beowulf.

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