Benny and Beautiful Baby Delilah

EPUB EBook by Jean Van Leeuwen

EBook Description

This beautifully illustrated picture book would be absolutely perfect for a little boy or girl who was getting a new baby brother or sister. Benny and Beautiful Baby Delilah EPUB EBook I actually really like books about what happens when a new baby comes into the family because they are always very positive about how everything always works out. With this story, Benny who seems to be about 2 or 3 gets a new baby sister names Delilah where everyone calls her beautiful. Benny thinks Delilah is very far away from beautiful. All she does is cry and take up his mother's, father's, and everyone else's attention. Benny tries to do whatever he can to make other people notice him, and for once take their eyes off of Delilah! When Delilah will not stop crying, Benny knew exactly what to do.
The illustrations in this story are very interesting, but very appealing! They almost remind me of illustrations in a comic book, but obviously these ones appeal very much to a child. Like this book? Read online this: Death by Delilah, Frankie & Delilah.

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