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Ben & download; Jerry's Homemade, Inc. Ben Jerry's Double Dip EPUB EBook, has done more than win the tastebuds of America — it has earned the admiration of Wall Street and established a model for business owners and employees eager to earn profits without compromising their principles. In Ben & Jerry's Double- EPUBDip, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield offer the ultimate insider's guide to creating a values-led business that makes money while benefiting the entire community. Using examples from their own company as well as a host of others, these renowned innovators reveal:

How your commitment to worthy social causes will result in unprecedented customer and employee loyalty — and increased profit
Practical advice on everything — from hiring employees to choosing suppliers
Nuts-and-bolts information on values-led finance, retailing, and human resources

Ben & Jerry's Double-Dip is essential reading for anyone who owns, works for, invests in, or shops at a socially responsible business. Like this book? Read online this: Jerry, Double Her Temptation and Double Her Destiny.

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