Battlecry Forever!

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"Battlecry is a loser. Battlecry Forever! EPUB EBook"

Fifteen- EPUByear-old Leslie D'Andrea can have any horse she wants—her parents own stables where they train retired Thoroughbreds to become pleasure riders. But the only horse Leslie wants is Battlecry, a racer everyone else has given up on as wild and untrainable.

Leslie knows Battlecry is something more. Beneath his unpredictable behavior is a spirited horse who would give his all to win races again—for her.

Finally Leslie's parents give Battlecry a chance to prove his worth. Leslie doesn't know that by entering Battlecry in a race, she'll risk losing him forever... Like this book? Read online this: Miss Leslie's New Cookery Book, Forever Innocent (The Forever Series, #1).

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