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Lysander, an imprisoned vampire king, begins appearing in Abby Fenton’s dreams from his distant exile, disrupting her happy marriage with forgotten images of their dark and brutal passion. Awakenings EPUB EBook As Abby and her stockbroker husband, Nick, struggle to come to terms with Lysander’s disturbing influence over Abby, Nick is forced to reveal chilling secrets of his own that he has kept hidden from his wife for years. Abby must not only cope with these new revelations but resist the temptations of her former vampire lover.

Nick and Abby travel to Egypt to find the vampire and try to free Abby from his torment. There, Abby is confronted with her own sinister, long- EPUBforgotten past which beckons to her as she comes closer to Lysander’s power. As Nick and Abby face the dark king’s evil, they hope that not only their marriage survives, but they do as well.

54,000 words.

Warning: This novel contains graphic sexual passages. Like this book? Read online this: It Was You (Abby and West, #1), Wild Awakenings.

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