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The thirty- EPUBfourth volume of The Collected Works of Eric Voegelin consists of Voegelin’s Autobiographical Reflections, reprinted from the 1989 edition with additional annotations; download; a glossary of terms used in Voegelin’s writings, illustrated with examples from throughout the Collected Works; a volume index; and a cumulative index. Autobiographical Reflections (CW34) EPUB EBook The last covers the entire edition, apart from The History of Political Ideas, which has its own index, and volumes 29 and 30, the Selected Correspondence, which are at present not published.
The glossary lists, defines, and illustrates from the author’s writings many of the key terms employed, paying particular attention to the Greek terms. The cumulative index supplies a more comprehensive access to the contents of the entire Collected Works. Together, the glossary and index systematically include names, subjects, ideas, writings, and terms, making this culminating volume an indispensable help for any serious study of Eric Voegelin’s oeuvre. Like this book? Read online this: Bedford Anthology of World Literature V4 & V5 & V6 & Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms, 2nd Edition & Twentieth-Century Novel, Reflections.

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