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It's been years since I've read it, but it introduced me to all the then- EPUBin-fashion thinkers of post-structuralism: Foucault, Baudrillard, Barthes, Benjamin; download; and the then-in-fashion theoretical critics: Mulvey, Krauss, Foster, Hoberman, etc. Art After Modernism EPUB EBook And the book even introduced me to the avant-garde writer Kathy Acker. A lot of those articles changed how I approached and thought about art (and the world). It's not easy writing - in fact, most of it was horribly written and filled with jargon - but almost all of the essays were full of interesting and surprising points.

I esp. loved Rosalind Krauss' essay about the myth of the avant garde, and Foucault's essay. Just dive in, pick an essay, and see what you think. Read it the same way you listen to music on an iPod. Skip around, find stuff you like, ignore the other bullshit until you're ready for it.

I can't promise that it's good, and I can promise a lot of annoying writing, but it definitely left a deep impact. Like this book? Read online this: La science d'avant-garde, Surrealism and Modernism.

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