Aquinas on God

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"Aquinas on God" presents an accessible exploration of Thomas Aquinas' conception of God. Aquinas on God EPUB EBook Focusing on the "Summa Theologiae," the work containing Aquinas' most systematic and complete exposition of the Christian doctrine of God, Rudi te Velde acquaints the reader with Aquinas' theological understanding of God and the metaphysical principles and propositions which underlie his project. Aquinas' conception of God is not dealt with as an isolated metaphysical doctrine, but from the perspective of Aquinas' broad theological view which underlies the scheme of the Summa. Readers interested in Aquinas, historical theology, metaphysics, and metaphysical discourse on God in the Christian tradition will find this new contribution to the studies of Aquinas invaluable. Like this book? Read online this: Novena St Thomas Aquinas, Saint Thomas Aquinas.

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