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Looking forward to autumn? Apples A to Z will be an enjoyable addition to the fall season for your family. Apples A to Z EPUB EBook It’s a delightfully cute variation of an alphabet picture book with lovable friends Fox, Bear, Pig, and Rabbit sharing experiences and everything apple. Every letter of the alphabet takes us through apple- EPUBrelated things and events, from “A is for apples” to “H is for harvest” to “Z is for zero” and every letter in between. With a few concise sentences, McNamara provides an informative range of explanations about apples, apple products, apple trees, and harvesting. At the conclusion of the apple alphabet are apple activities, fun facts, apple jokes, and a brief biography about Johnny Appleseed.

What brings this book character and moves it beyond a simple alphabet book are the illustrations; download; the artwork gives this alphabet book a personality. The drawings move the reading toward a story of friendship, with characters and events portrayed in a ‘day in the life’ style for each letter of the alphabet. Parker’s artwork gives the lovable and expressive animals human characteristics in cartoonist style. Drawings are in deceptively simple colored pencil line shading with a cross-hatch technique. The foreground is made of distinctive lines, while the background shading is blended to draw the eye toward the action.

Not all the words used in the text are simple, but they are accurate to the topic, and will need to be read aloud to younger children. Once the child hears the word, sees the illustration, and is read the explanation for the word, he will a better understanding and expanded vocabulary. Reading this picture book together could become a tradition and will be a wonderful addition to the autumn season and to family time.

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