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Across the specific differences among Goicolea's works, the artist tirelessly excavates human weakness, awkwardness, and discomfort. Anthony Goicolea EPUB EBook Toward the end, he returns again and again to his themes of adolescent sexuality, unflinching self- EPUBexploration, and the never-ending contest between victims and victimizers. We are torn between the desire to witness these strivers and underdogs evolve gloriously into calm, powerful grown-ups and wanting to observe the Peter Pans as they play out the piercing struggles of adolescence-such apt metaphors for the rest of life's battles — into eternity. Jennifer Dalton Recently, I have begun working on a series of video projects in which the narrative structure is generated and depicted through the progression of time. As in my photos, I am interested in self-portraiture, vanity, and narcissism, as well as issues revolving around the body, bodily functions, beauty, chaos, the grotesque and the perverse. The videos introduce the element of time into my narratives. I am interested in using this element to chronicle the gestation period of progressive states which ultimately end in destructive or absurd predicaments. Anthony Goicolea Anthony Goicolea has set the art world on its ear with these disturbing, provocative images. Exploiting his own boyish appearance, and with the help of body doubles and computer effects, he's cloned himself (all the faces in the photographs are his) in coming-of-age narratives that evoke both fondness and horror. The self portraits depict him (and his clones) indulging in all kinds of boys-will-be-boys mischief...where desire is unfixed and sometimes alarmingly off-kilter. This, the artist's first book, includes a DVD of his fiveshort films. Like this book? Read online this: Rancher's Proposition (Body & Soul) (Body & Soul) (Desire, 1322), Anthony Blunt.

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