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I recently found my postcard that had this quote from the book on the back and a) I should tell you the poems are sometimes definitions of terms and b) the entire thing is beautiful and I highly recommend it and I'm surprised now to see it here after putting it on my to read list back in what, July, and I actually did read this, front to back, even though it was an awfully good book about sadness—

"'ice of land origin: Ice formed on land or in an ice shelf, found floating in water, including ice that is stranded or grounded. Antarctic Traveller EPUB EBook' Until you're all water, the origins still count. Disguises and relocations aren't that successful. And if melt is the end of it? Well, what shore do you think you'll wash up on first?" Like this book? Read online this: Girl With A Gun (Chalice Back Stories Series Boxed Set) (Chalice Back Stories Series Boxed Set) (Stephanie Chalice Back Stories Book 1), Shackleton and the Lost Antarctic Expedition.

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