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This was Gregory Bateson's last book, which was still in manuscript at the time he died, in 1980. Angels Fear EPUB EBook His daughter, Mary Catherine Bateson, who had been working with him for many years on his ideas (without receiving credit as co- EPUBauthor), completed the book from his manuscript. This book continues the thoughts of Mind and Nature (published in 1979); download; in fact, it is prefigured in the "metalogue" between Gregory and Mary Catherine that concludes the earlier book. Impossible to give a speedy summary of Bateson's thought here, but suffice it to say that he recognized that his thoughts about mind, and our relationship to the ever-evolving world, required him to address beauty and the sacred. That is the effort made in Angels Fear.

I recommend this book and Mind and Nature as highly as I can. They are filled with powerful ideas which, upon sufficient study and meditation, potentially have the ability to alter your world-view. Like this book? Read online this: Triptychs (Mind's Eye Series Book 3), Where Angels Fear (Blakeley & Boles, #1).

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