Angel of Death (The Chosen Chronicles #1)

EPUB EBook by Karen Dales

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The Vampires of London are being murdered and only the Angel of Death can save them. Angel of Death (The Chosen Chronicles #1) EPUB EBook When Father Paul Notus, is captured and threatened with a gruesome death by the Mistress of London and her vampires, the Angel is forced into a dark world of murder and deception to discover who is killing the Vampires of Britain.

Forced into a partnership with the Noble Fernando de Sagres, a vampire of sadistic tastes, and joined by the beautiful and mortal Jeanie Stuart, the Angel seeks out who is behind these killings.

Plagued by demons from his past and his increasing affections for Jeanie, the Angel walks a fine line between his heart and his fears. He discovers the culprits but at a high cost - EPUB the irrevocable discovery of what he truly is and the Destruction of one he loves.

Changeling: Prelude to the Chosen

Demon or Fay? Human or Chosen? Mortal or Immortal?

Delve into the past of the Angel of Death.

Abandoned at birth and left to die as a Changeling, the Angel is found by the local healer. In loving secrecy he is raised unnamed lest his strange appearance bring down the wrath of the villagers. Growing up, exiled from humanity, he is discovered and hurtled into a dark world as one of the Chosen. Even amongst the Chosen, who call themselves Vampires, he must remain apart for his differences could mark him for Destruction. Like this book? Read online this: Angel Death, Angel of Death.

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