Anatomy of a Food Addiction

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If you have struggled with compulsive eating, dieting, and the guilt and conflict they bring, your life will be changed by this important, life- EPUBaffirming, and astonishingly wise book. Anatomy of a Food Addiction EPUB EBook

Anne Katherine, a Certified Eating Disorders Therapist and former compulsive eater, explains the chemical reactions in the brain that work in conjunction with lifelong emotional conflicts to make food—particularly sugar and refined carbohydrates—such a comfort that it's almost like a drug.

Once you realize that your binge eating is a physical disease that can be treated, you can use the book's self-tests, exercises, examination of family issues, and complete recovery program for newfound understanding and confidence. Like this book? Read online this: Binge Eating? It's Not Your Fault, Raw Food Diet For Weight Loss - Easy Raw Food Recipes And Raw Food Cookbook For Beginners (Raw Food Recipes & Raw Food Cookbook).

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